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Char Staples Char Staples wrote. This state of affairs totally sickens me! The amendment to the animal welfare act, should have given animals a voice and yet, in the last 5 years the increase in corporate abuse to animals both wild and domestic is shocking! The government and its affiliates should be made accountable for using such devastating and indiscriminate poisoning such as 1080 on our wildlife. They have already recently wiped out half of the population of Kea in Wanaka in one of their unlawful drops as well causing accumulating negative effects to other wildlife, our water ways and the public. There is another major drop coming up in Tararua and it must be stopped! Any form of animal abuse whether domestically, commercially derived or otherwise, should be dealt with harshly, to encourage people and orgnisations and businesses to think twice before they embark on these kind of heinous practises. The penalties should be even tougher when our own government sanctions this kind of criminality, as they are supposed to be the shining example to the public of how to adhere to the legislation they themselves have passed!
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Dan Suter Dan Suter wrote. 1080 regime, is not and cannot possibly be consistent with any recognition that animals are sentient beings. As with most standards and laws they seem to be more for the people that for the government to abide by.
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