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Vernon Muir Vernon Muir wrote. Event 201 last year was the prep.
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Heidi Jensen Warren Heidi Jensen Warren wrote. Interesting documentary, haven't watched all but we live in a world of cover ups and suppression of truth, now more than ever before. Money and power are king. We all know that this pandemic has coincided with a push for fourth industrial revolution heavy roll out, cashless society, the Great Reset (WEF), and heavy surveillance societies. The time to push back is now. If it isn't planned then it has been jumped on by opportunistic groups and politicians to utilise for a massive power grab. There are two types of people in the world those with blinkers on and those without.
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Dan Suter Dan Suter wrote. Looks like a plandemic to me. Kind of obvious when you think about it. Planet is dying folks, its not so surprising. Personally I think we should just all go vegan and be friends with each other and all the species we can.
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Char Staples Char Staples wrote. Humanity is Not the scourge we are entrained to believe and I agree we must claim back our humanity by first understanding what that is! People need to watch this because it is fast paced and informative enough for most to easily connect the dots. Maybe they will stop complying. I sure hope so! Our time is Now! Though I for one would like to round up all of those responsible and deal to them all at once by having them take their own "medicine"! It is ironic that all of these things that were happening for years that we shared like steps at a time, have now come to fruition seemingly all at once. This is one time I wanted with all of my heart to be wrong. Lets hope that I am also not wrong in my conviction that enough people will wake up and rise up. Like it says at the end, our story isn't finished yet! Thank you Plandemic team! Great effort!
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Lucy Verde Roze Lucy Verde Roze wrote. Everything is connected and there are no coincidences. We can see this being played out on the world stage especially when we know the reality of what those at the top do for the sake of money and power. We are being manipulated.
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