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Our wisdom of the crowds project can be simply defined as being, "The potential of Crowd intelligence is vastly underultilized in our democratic system" One could argue to be truely democratic we should be harnessing the crowd intelligence or at least consulting this crowd for all major and important decisions. Using a system like the one built here demonstrates we do not need to spend tens of millions on referendums to get a democtratic answer to the common problems we face. Further reading:
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Being cold and rationing heating is now normal in New Zealand1069113272018-05-25 20:29:02
The Auckland fuel tax always looked doomed, just not quite this quickly43468822018-05-25 20:29:02
Paula Bennett storms out of Question Time, saying Speakers rulings are dangerous for democracy351298502018-05-25 20:29:02
Nationals deadline approaches for Speaker to respond over remark342170462018-05-25 20:29:02
Can you drive an EV from Auckland to Wellington in one day stress-free?30949552018-05-25 20:29:02
Opinion: Tax ghost houses and pour the money back into affordable housing22931452018-05-25 20:29:02
Simon Bridges says no evidence one of his MPs called Jacinda Ardern stupid little girl21689262018-05-25 20:29:02
New Zealands moose hunt: A century-long quest for a forests final secret18825582018-05-25 20:29:02
Should Israel Folau have been fired?18321962018-05-25 20:29:02
The high-flying jobs you can get with no formal qualification18119422018-05-25 20:29:02
Police complaint made against actor Craig McLachlan for indecent assault, court hears002018-05-25 20:29:02
Super Trucks champion boycotts awards dinner in protest of appeal4192018-05-25 20:29:02
Live: Canberra Raiders v Manly Warringah Sea Eagles - NRL Round 12002018-05-25 20:29:02
Cockroaches found on Air NZ plane flying from Perth to Auckland002018-05-25 20:29:02
John Lomax wins payout from Australian police for wrongful arrest002018-05-25 20:29:02
Priority 'investments' in warmth and wellbeing for renters and homeowners452842018-05-25 20:29:02
Australia's Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says he could be open to NZ refugee deal002018-05-25 20:29:02
UK man Emile Cilliers guilty of tampering with wife's parachute002018-05-25 20:29:02
Kapiti Expressway: more cracks and still waiting for repairs to leaky surface17725212018-05-25 21:10:51
Is the manual gearbox dead? Numbers seem to hint our love affair for stick driving is over18425372018-05-25 21:10:51

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